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Matthias Rueth, CEO
Gerauer Strasse 18
60528 Frankfurt am Main
Deutschland – Germany

Tel: +49 (0)69 50 50 250-262

Design & Illustration: Tobias Goldschalt

Photograph: André Grohe and Patrick Knecht

Legal status

TRADIUM GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Registered at the district court in Frankfurt am Main under registration number HRB 52926.

CEO is Matthias Rueth.

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Commercial register number
HRB 52926, Frankfurt am Main

047 246 65208

Legal information

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We would like to point out that, by sending an email to us, no binding contract can be constituted. Please also consider that, by use of the emails, neither the confidentiality nor an actual reception of the emails can be guaranteed. In any case, a customer relationship only comes about if we have confirmed the order acceptance.

We want to point out, that, because of fiscal reasons and because of operating procedures, every incoming and outgoing email will be stored and archived on a local internal server. TRADIUM GmbH will handle your data with strict confidentiality and will not pass them on to third parties, unless this is demanded by law.

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