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Demand for Rare Earths, Technology Metals and Platin Group Metals by industry is rising. Simultanously, availability of these critical resources is limited. This makes them a potentially promising tangible asset. At TRADIUM Invest you can buy these rare metals as an alternative investment directly from an industrial supplier.

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The New Asset Class

Strategic metals are genuine tangible assets. They are bought, owned, and stored physically and, once liquidated, they are actually processed by a broad array of industries.

These raw materials are not stock exchange traded. Their price is solely determined by availability and demand. No non-transparent equity stakes, artificially inflated investment funds, or risky mining stocks.

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Touching Tomorrow

To society Strategic Metals are critical,
now and even more so in the future.

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The accquisition of rare earths, technology metals or precious metals as a tangible asset is easier as one might think.

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You Buy Directly from an Industrial Supplier.

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Who is TRADIUM GmbH?

TRADIUM GmbH is an owner-managed supplier of raw materials based in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Since 1999, TRADIUM has been successfully supplying international customers from industry and trade.

Use Our Expert Knowledge!

When you want to liquidate your tangible assets, it is important to be informed about industry standards. Rare earths, technology metals and platin group metals are valuable because they are in high demand by the industry. TRADIUM only sells raw materials as physical asset that meet the specifications required for further use in high technology applications.

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Buying Strategic Metals as Tangible Asset

In cooperation with our sister company METLOCK GmbH, TRADIUM and TRADIUM Invest can provide you with expertise and quality service at every step of your puchase and ownership of strategic metals as asset.

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We will gladly explain in person, why rare earths, technology metals, and platin group metals can be smart tangible assets.

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TRADIUM GmbH has been supplying rare earths, precious and technological metals, granulates and oxides to the industrial and trading sectors since 1999. ISO 9001 certification since 2003.

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